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Generate Continuous, Unlimited iNO at the Point of Care.

LungFit® PH uses patented Plasma Pulse Technology™ to generate inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) from ambient air in the room, eliminating the need for iNO source supplies like cylinders or cassettes.1,2

Experience unprecedented speed to care with:

Initiate iNO therapy quickly and simply

  • Start iNO therapy in 1 minute with quick, simple steps1,2
    • Power on, make 3 familiar connections, and set a dose
  • Unburden your respiratory therapy (RT) department and enable more time to focus on patient care3
  • No concerns about watching a supply source, such as cylinders or liquid-filled cassettes, because you never run out of room air
  • Predictable 12-hour filter life regardless of dose or gas flow
    • Can coordinate filter changes with vent checks for efficiency
Device Quick and Simple
Device Confidence

Confidently deliver the set dose

  • NO delivery of 0.1–80 ppm, gas flow of 0.5–100 L/min
  • Main and backup generators are the size of a D battery and use the energy of a 60W bulb to produce NO from room air
  • Main, backup, and bagging modes with the flexibility to deliver iNO continuously through both the main injector line and bagging system
  • Proven dual-channel independent delivery and monitoring methods for confidence in delivering a set dose
    • Precise real-time measurement of ventilator gas flow to maintain accurate and stable iNO delivery
  • Up to 4 hours backup battery life
  • Empower staff with limited iNO experience to be confident delivering nitric oxide therapy

Enhance efficiency by eliminating need for iNO source supplies

  • Eliminate burden of inventory management, storage space, and safety risk for iNO supplies
    • No special storage requirements
    • No hazardous materials or heavy, bulky cylinders
    • No storage space needed for full and depleted cylinders
  • All other components are disposable patient accessories
  • No reusable components requiring sterilization

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Device No Tanks

Discover the simplicity of iNO therapy without cylinders or cassettes.3

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Exclusive Plasma Pulse Technology™

The first and only FDA approved system that generates iNO from room air.1
Here’s how it works:

For Illustrative Purposes

Compact and energy-efficient: Generators the size of a D battery use minimal power to reliably produce iNO from room air

Micro-pulses of energy produce a precise amount of NO to deliver the set dose

NO2 Smart Filter removes NO2 from the internal circuit to reduce patient and staff exposure

Exceeding your expectations with:

  • 24/7 live customer service and support
    (technical, clinical, commercial)
  • LungFlex Rapid Replacement Program:
    Emergency deliveries within 6 hours*
  • Comprehensive live on-demand training customized to the hospital’s needs

**LungFlex Rapid Replacement response times are based on hospital locations. While every effort is made to accommodate emergency deliveries within 6 hours of request, some hospital locations may take longer.

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Experience iNO without cylinders or cassettes.

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References: 1. LungFit PH System Operator’s Manual. Garden City, NY: Beyond Air Inc. 2022. 2. Data on file. Beyond Air Inc. 2021. 3. Rimkus M, Bathe D, Montgomery F. On-demand nitric oxide for ventilator-based nitric oxide inhalation: a risk-reduction perspective. Abstracts of International Society for Aerosols in Medicine e.V. 22nd ISAM Congress, May 24, 2019, Montreux, Switzerland. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2019;32(3).