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Unlimited, on-demand generation of nitric oxide from room air, regardless of dose or flow. No cylinders, no hassle.1

Experience the innovation and simplicity of the LungFit® PH System. The 3-in-1 LungFit PH System integration can reduce1 your resource burdens with no cylinders and no hassle.3

  • iNO Generation1

    Two patented Ionizers™ (main and backup) provide unlimited, on-demand generation of iNO from room air, regardless of dose or flow.

  • iNO Delivery1

    Main, backup, and bagging modes with the flexibility to deliver iNO continuously through both the main Injector Line and Bagging System.

  • Monitoring1

    Comprehensive monitoring system with high- and low-priority alarms for comprehensive patient safety.


Power the LungFit PH System on and deliver a preset iNO dose within 1 minute.2

Integrated auto-purging also saves clinician time while reducing the risk of exposing patients to potentially high levels of NO2.3

The advanced Nitric Oxide Delivery Module provides precise and accurate real-time measurement of gas flow in the ventilator circuit to enable the LungFit PH System to maintain accurate and stable iNO delivery.1
The key to the LungFit PH System is the NO2 Smart Filter, which is only 2.5 oz and can be stored at the point-of-use location. This patient safety enhancement removes NO2 from the circuit and reduces patient and staff exposure. Each filter lasts 12 hours regardless of dose or flow.1

Cutting-edge, first-in-class innovation

The only system with patented Ionizer technology that generates
iNO from room air.1 Here’s how it works:

For Illustrative Purposes

Power on, generate, and deliver iNO within 1 minute2*

*Based on device readiness.

With the LungFit PH System, all you need is air to generate on-demand nitric oxide.1

  • The system flows room air into the small Ionizer chambers where iNO is generated
  • No cylinders or hassle

Main and backup Ionizers provide unlimited, on-demand generation of nitric oxide from room air1 and help eliminate potential challenges associated with traditional cylinder-based systems3:

  • No handling and storing 45-lb cylinders containing pressurized iNO
  • No pressure-testing, manual purging, or potential NO2 exposure associated with these tasks
  • No iNO leaks, meters, or wasted iNO before patient use—generate what you need, when you need it

Within the small chamber, the system uses the power equivalent to a 60-watt light bulb to ionize the nitrogen and oxygen molecules.

The molecules recombine as nitric oxide, and low levels of NO2 are created as a by-product.

The only iNO system with a NO2 Smart Filter to remove the NO2 from the internal circuit.1

  • Removes nitrogen dioxide from the internal circuit
  • Small enough to store and distribute at point-of-use locations within the NICU (2.5 oz)
  • Twenty NO2 Smart Filters can be securely stored within the LungFit PH System cart, enabling 10 days of continuous iNO regardless of dose or flow

Built on a legacy of iNO innovation

The LungFit PH System is designed by the same inventors who developed the first nitric oxide delivery system and other systems in use worldwide.

Exceeding your expectations with:

  • All-inclusive contract: LungFit PH Systems, backup systems, and accessories, creating budget certainty
  • 24/7 live customer service and support (technical, clinical, commercial)
  • LungFlex Rapid Replacement Program: Emergency deliveries within 6 hours
  • Convenient ordering for all components with first priority overnight deliveries
  • On-demand, on-site clinical expertise and support
  • Comprehensive live on-demand training customized to the hospital’s needs

The inventors of the LungFit Systems are also listed as inventors on the patents for the following nitric oxide delivery systems: INOvent, INOmax DSIR, INOmax DSIR Plus, INOmax DSIR Plus MRI.

LungFlex Rapid Replacement Program response times are based on hospital locations. While every effort is made to accommodate emergency deliveries within 6 hours of request, some hospital locations may take longer.

Please contact Beyond Air Medical Information regarding any medical questions:

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