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Innovative iNO Technology That Unlocks Cost-Effective Solutions

Finally, iNO for a Flat Monthly Fee

LungFit® PH is the first and only 3-in-1 integrated system for inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) generation, delivery, and monitoring, eliminating the hassle of cylinders or cassettes.1 Now you can harness the financial and operational demands of iNO with our New Technology Offer (NTO) and innovative point-of-care solution:

Simple Contracting and Savings

  • No hidden fees compared to your current iNO provider - A 1-year contract provides 3 devices for $99,000 a year or $8,250 a month
  • Purchase multiple NTO agreements to flexibly meet your iNO needs
  • Use as a stand-alone contract or in conjunction with your current iNO agreement
  • Achieve cost savings compared to your current iNO supplier

Predictable and Streamlined Inventory Management

  • Generate iNO on-demand at the bedside for delivery within seconds2
  • Receive a preset supply of accessories to get started
  • No need to stockpile cylinders or cassettes

Operational Efficiency

  • Store the system and accessories at the point of care, freeing up storage space traditionally allocated for iNO cylinders
  • Reduce logistical and staffing burdens by eliminating the management, transport, and storage of large, pressurized iNO cylinders

Explore the cost savings of on-demand iNO
with no cylinders, no cassettes, and no hassle.

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LungFit PH Delivers Unprecedented Speed to Care With iNO From Room Air2, 1

On-demand nitric oxide—regardless of dose or flow. No cylinders, no cassettes, and no hassle.1

  • The first and only 3-in-1 integrated system for iNO generation, delivery, and monitoring1
  • Fast, precise, simple: Generate and deliver iNO in seconds2
  • Patented Ionizer™ technology generates on-demand iNO from room air1
LungFit PH Device

An All-Inclusive Partnership for Budget Certainty

  • Comprehensive contract LungFit PH systems, backup systems, and accessories
  • 24/7 live customer service and support Technical, clinical, commercial
  • LungFlex™ Rapid Replacement Program Emergency deliveries within 6 hours*

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References: 1. LungFit PH System Operator’s Manual. Garden City, NY: Beyond Air Inc. 2022. 2. Data on file. Beyond Air Inc. 2021.

The New Technology Offer (NTO) is valid as of July 1, 2023, and shall become binding upon execution of an NTO agreement. The NTO may be withdrawn by Beyond Air, at any time, without notice. Each offer includes 3 LungFit PH systems (device and cart), 250 filters, 50 NDM assemblies, 50 verification kits, 75 gas sample lines, and 5 NDM cables, along with associated accessories.

*LungFlex Rapid Replacement Program response times are based on hospital locations. While every effort is made to accommodate emergency deliveries within 6 hours of request, some hospital locations may take longer.